How to Connect

In order to connect to a Demon's Souls server emulator, you'll need to define a custom DNS server.
Simply go to your PS3's Network Settings -> Internet Connection Settings -> and choose Custom
Most all settings in the Custom setup can be left as their default except DNS
When in the DNS setting, set your primary DNS to
Continue to the end of the Custom setup leaving all other setting default and test your connection.
If all is successful, you'll be able to launch Demon's Souls and it will connect to my server.


Leaving a message of You'll need a Soul Level of *** ahead. will issue a command to the server. Which soul level put into the message selects the command.
If a message has been received it will not appear below your feet.

10: Toggle Soul Level Matchmaking**
30: Request Summon Sign Password(How To Use)**
40: Clear Summon Sign Password
380: Revert to Save File World Tendency*
390: Request Pure White World Tendency*
400: Request Pure Black World Tendency*

*these commands require being in the Nexus and returning to the title screen and back into the game to work.
**these commands are in beta and may not work as intended.


How They Work:
After Using the 30 command the next message the player tries to put down will become the password.